JFF Wood Products was founded in 1988 by Mark Wolff starting with just a small garage owned by his parents in Hartford. Slowly making his way up the ladder, he purchased his own land along Highway 41 in Slinger and built a 40x60 ft. steel building and hired two employees. After only one year, the building became too small so a 40x60 ft. addition was added and he moved up to ten employees. Not more than another two years, another 80x160 ft. addition was added.

The business first started as a pallet construction company. Then slowly expanded it's horizon to trucking, heat treating, and mulching.

Recently, in 2010, Mark's Mulch has added a second, specialized building on Lilly Rd. offering its services to more people.


horizontal grinder

Step 1:

Old, unusable pallets are collected from local businesses and are selected to be used for mulch.
once ground

Step 2:

All winter long, the workers of JFF have been pre-grinding the pallets, with a Pearson Pacific Horizontal Grinder, to bust them down.

A Winters Work

A Winters Work

Step 3:

The large chunks are then put through a Tub Grinder that regrinds the mulch into a finer, more pleasing looking size, and colors it to the desired tone.
Twice Ground

Step 4:

The finished product is shipped to either Mark's Mulch for sale or directly to the customer's property.

Delivered to your driveway